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Things to Know

  • Is A Sterling Silver Ring Right for Me

    Discover the timeless appeal of sterling silver rings with our in-depth guide. Learn about their affordability, versatility, and classic style, as well as maintenance needs like tarnishing and susceptibility to scratches. Make an educated choice with our balanced view on sterling silver ring pros and cons.
  • The Needs to Know of Ceramic Rings

    Explore the benefits of ceramic rings with our comprehensive guide. Discover why these durable, hypoallergenic, and stylish rings are gaining popularity. Learn why their inability to be resized and their brittle nature could be deal-breakers. Make an informed choice for your next ring purchase with our insights on ceramic rings' pros and cons.
  • Facts about Titanium Rings

    Looking for a ring that combines modern style with enduring quality? Titanium is your answer! This remarkable material is not only lightweight but also incredibly strong—stronger than steel but 45% lighter. It's hypoallergenic, making it perfect for everyday wear without skin irritation. Plus, its sleek, contemporary look offers endless customization possibilities. Experience the unique blend of durability, style, and comfort that only titanium rings can offer.
  • How to Measure Your Ring Size

    First thing to know about sizing your finger is: Don't do it yourself! Get a professional jeweler to do it for you. Most any jewelry store will pro...
  • Is a Tungsten Ring Strong and Durable?

    Is a Tungsten Ring Strong and Durable? 

    A direct quote from Matt (the artist) “Hell yeah, it is” and then he rattled on a whole lot of interesting stuff that I will do you the favor of summarizing below😊

  • Why do we make memorial rings?

    The answer is simple: shortly before my father died when I was a little girl, he asked me to spread his ashes in the Gulf of Mexico when I turned 1...